About Me

Hi! I'm Jocelyn and a newbie to this blogging world. I know blogging has been around for ages now and I've been more of a blog reader than a blog writer. I've had this idea to start my own blog for awhile but never had the time nor energy to actually get it started. I decided to start my blog as more of an archive of  projects/activities that my family do and my thoughts as I journey through this life. I am a wife to a wonderful and crafty/DIY husband, a mom to two little cute and spunky girls, and I have an adorable Pug who loves to cuddle and sleep. 

The blog name "Acorn Avenue" was created by my talented "marketing" husband, Dave. The "acorn" part signifies my 'type A' personality of always finding ways to store and organize anything and everything (kind of like a squirrel storing it's food)! Let's just say I love any type of storage bins, crates, you name it! They make me smile and giddy in an embarrassing school girl way, I confess. The "avenue" represents 'home'. Unfortunately our address doesn't have the word 'avenue' in it but it was more of a "play on words" as Dave told me. 

So thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Hope you'll stick around and join me on this journey with my family and I!