Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Is it my birthday yet?"

J: " Is it my birthday yet?"
Me: "No, it's March baby, do you remember when your birthday is?"
J: " Yes, it's August 3rd."
Me: "Yes, so that means your birthday is not for awhile."
(We have had this conversation almost every month until today!)

Today was our oldest daughter's birthday! I am still in disbelief that she's 4 already! When people say "they grow up fast", they weren't kidding. It's so much fun watching her grow up and all the new things she's learning and discovering about herself as a person. So for her 4th birthday, we kept it pretty low key, basically no big birthday bash but we still wanted to do a few special things for her. This girl has been asking when is August 3rd for like the past couple of months. Well, actually, ever since her sister had her birthday party back in February! So for celebration, we just did a small Hawaiian luncheon with our small group community, a dinner with her grandparents and uncle, a day at Happy Hollow with our playgroup friends, making a birthday necklace with beads, special decorations in the house on the morning of her birthday, a special snack celebration at her preschool, and to end it all..a special shopping trip to pick out a new dress (She LOVES dresses right now). Okay, that sounded like a lot of things to celebrate her birthday but I think she enjoyed all of it because it was FINALLY her birthday! She's super excited to be 4 years old!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thankful Tuesday!

Well hello Thankful Tuesday! Somehow my "Thankful Tuesdays" dropped off the radar and my motivation to blog about what I'm thankful was not there (aka..I got lazy..just being real here). So..I'm back at it again! I'm gonna take us back to the 4th of July weekend which was filled with hanging out with family and friends. We ate a ton, hung out a lot, laughed, and just enjoyed each other's company! So today for this Thankful Tuesday, I am blogging about my small group community at The River Church. I am very thankful for this family group and I love seeing how our kids are growing up with each other. During the 4th of July weekend, we gathered together to do our annual July 4th BBQ. It was fun to just sit around the table eating, chatting, and listening to the kids run around and play. I love moments like these where there's no rush to be anywhere or do anything. Just sit and enjoy each other's company. Dave and I have known most of these people for several years now (almost 10 years for some!) and we have seen each other through life's greatest and challenging moments. We've seen our families grow and it's fun to see our kids growing up together in this season of our lives. So thankful for this group and the community we are building with each other.