Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Is it my birthday yet?"

J: " Is it my birthday yet?"
Me: "No, it's March baby, do you remember when your birthday is?"
J: " Yes, it's August 3rd."
Me: "Yes, so that means your birthday is not for awhile."
(We have had this conversation almost every month until today!)

Today was our oldest daughter's birthday! I am still in disbelief that she's 4 already! When people say "they grow up fast", they weren't kidding. It's so much fun watching her grow up and all the new things she's learning and discovering about herself as a person. So for her 4th birthday, we kept it pretty low key, basically no big birthday bash but we still wanted to do a few special things for her. This girl has been asking when is August 3rd for like the past couple of months. Well, actually, ever since her sister had her birthday party back in February! So for celebration, we just did a small Hawaiian luncheon with our small group community, a dinner with her grandparents and uncle, a day at Happy Hollow with our playgroup friends, making a birthday necklace with beads, special decorations in the house on the morning of her birthday, a special snack celebration at her preschool, and to end it all..a special shopping trip to pick out a new dress (She LOVES dresses right now). Okay, that sounded like a lot of things to celebrate her birthday but I think she enjoyed all of it because it was FINALLY her birthday! She's super excited to be 4 years old!


  1. Wow! Already four, it is so hard to imagine. And, yes, it is incredible how fast they grow and change before your very eyes. Our M will be 7 in 6 weeks and a couple of days. A 1st grader when school begins.

    1. I's incredible how fast they grow! I can't believe M is going to be a 1st grader already!! Gotta cherish each moment with them. Glad you can be there for M as she enters 1st grade! Such a lucky gal to have such an awesome grandma! Miss you!

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