Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Future President Trump....

For those of you who are reading this, I'm gonna put a disclaimer here because I know that it is human nature for everyone to respectfully have their own opinions and thoughts. I, along with many others in this nation and around me are still grappling with the election results. I am still processing it myself and trying to understand what is happening around me. I myself resonate with all the feelings that everyone is displaying and sharing. I am a SAHM and I guess I title myself "naive" sometimes because I refuse to watch or listen to the NEWS ALL THE TIME or even social media like FB.  So call me "naive" or judge but this is me. I like to write what I'm thinking and it helps me get it out of my head. From what I've read and seen on the news and social media, I really appreciate those who are speaking words of love, unity, and acceptance. Yes, we all are grieving and we all grieve for different lengths of time. But ultimately I believe that God has more for us. I believe that the energy that I spend on grieiving can be used for prayer and being open to hearing from God. I believe that there is hope in Him and His power to bring good from something that seems so dark. This is me and how I deal. God is Here and has always been. I hold onto hope that God is at work and that He is in control. And so, I wrote a letter to our future President because hatred and anger will not overcome me and intoxicate me. Instead I will use my energy to pray for our future leader because that is all I feel that I can do to help me through this time that seems so despair and downright depressing.  So where there is darkness, there is also light. Where there is evil, there is also good.  Let me love just as God loves me.

Dear Future President Trump,

I am not writing this in hopes of you seeing this letter but I am writing this as a way for me to help me process all that is happening around me. First off, I didn't vote for you but I am not writing to tell you why I didn't vote for you. However, a majority of the people of this nation voted for you and I am left wondering and trying to understand this other view of our nation that I clearly was blinded by. Because it all honesty, I was very surprised and am still in shock that you are to be our nation's future leader. What pains me even more is seeing how much this your election win has affected so many people on both sides. It has brought out the worst in people such as racial discrimination, it has brought out fear because the nation that people thought they knew is now in question, it has brought out anger that has caused a divide between the people of our nation.

BUT..and I write this again in all capital letters..BUT..your election win has brought forth good. I know that's hard to believe, especially coming from a person who didn't vote for you. It has caused people to be courageous and brave to fight for what is right. It has brought people to come together to stand with each other. It has brought us to the point where we realize we have so much more to work on as a nation. It has brought people to try to understand how we got here as a nation (trying to understand those that supported you). It has enabled people to speak words of love, unity, peace, and acceptance as an encouragement to those around them. It has brought people closer to their faith in prayer and in worship because in a time of uncertainty and fear, the one thing that is constant is people's faith in the Almighty God.

But for you President Trump, as much as I am still processing and grieving for what has happened because it's not what I voted for and wanted, I am still going to pray for you. And so here is my prayer for you and for our nation.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are the God of all the nations, You are the God of Heaven and Earth. You created us and all that is around us. You are the one that knows what is best for us and leads us. You are always walking alongside us as You have been and are doing so now. Lord, you have heard the cries of disappointment, anger, fear, sadness AND you have heard the shouts of joys, celebration, and relief. I thank you that You hear them all and you take the dark feelings off the shoulders of those who are feeling them and you bear it on Yourself because it is sometimes too much to bear on our own. You love ALL of us despite our sins.  We can not understand the ways of this world and why things happen the way they do but what we do know is that You are the one who is in control and that all things happen according to Your plan. So for this moment in history, this season that this nation is in, I pray that you help us walk through it and into a place of healing and confidence in You, that You ARE HERE in the midst of this divided time. 

And now for you, future President Trump, I pray that God will mold you and surround you with people filled with empathy and the gift of doing good for ALL people in this nation. I pray that your heart and mind will be open and accepting of all the differences that make this nation what it is today. I pray that God will use you to do GOOD and GREAT things that is for ALL the people of this nation. I pray that God will use You for His purposes because He has gifted you with a great gift of power as leader of this nation. I pray that God will give you discernment, the ability to extend grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I pray that God will give you words that will speak of love, unity, peace, and acceptance. Ultimately, I pray that God will be YOUR LEADER during your term as President. 

And so I thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and that You are working among us and through us. May we each (in our own time) find that place and space to rest in Your presence, consoled by the very truth that You oh Lord are in control and are here with us. 


Thank you for reading with grace and understanding. 

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