Sunday, June 21, 2015

ShareEats with me!

So when there's something new that sparks my interest and curiousity, I'd be willing to give it a try! Along comes ShareEats!  A new community food app that I'm helping to Beta test! So would you like to ShareEats with me while I'm testing it out? I'll be posting just a few things I enjoy cooking on ShareEats. My first food that I'll be sharing is my finger-licking baked Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Wings! You can pair it with some sauteed green beans and a starch and it's a healthy full meal! If you're wondering what ShareEats is all about, come and check it out! Here's the info below. 

I'm inviting you to a community food app that I'm helping to Beta test called ShareEats. With ShareEats, you can order and pick up my home-cooked Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Wings (for pick-up this Tuesday)! Download the iPhone app here:

All members are personally invited to join. Please email me or text me for your private invite code to join!

Important: Be sure to allow the app to access your location so you can instantly find my food listings. 

Also, if you are open to providing feedback, let me know and I will have Carol (one of the app designers), reach out to you after you give it a try. 

Thanks in advance to those who are going to ShareEats with me!

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