Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweet Surprises...

Have you ever had those moments with your kids where they totally surprised you by the way they acted or maybe something they did? It could be random acts of kindness they showed to another kid/ you or even something like swimming the length of the pool by themselves. It's in those moments where as a parent, you feel proud, excited, amazed, and yet a little sad all at the same time because it's a realization that "Wow, my child is growing up..."  And so folks, this post is about that...a moment that I am so grateful to have had with my oldest daughter J.

So one of the perks of being a SAHM with 2 toddlers is that you get to take them to fun places during the week! I really love taking my girls out and doing things together. For example, we've done mini hikes, go to the beach, walking the mall, going to the park, going to Children's Discovery Museums, etc. You get the idea. The things we do doesn't have to be extravagant because really it's about the experience and the time we spend together! So one of our favorite places right now is Happy Hollow Park! If you haven't been there, it's a great place for kids under the age of 5. It has a farm, a mini zoo, rides, several playgrounds, and lots of green space for kids to just run around!

J and M on the Mini Putt Putt car ride at HH

This past Thursday, the girls and I went with our friend and her 2 kids to Happy Hollow. We've been to Happy Hollow (HH) so many times I've lost count. Anyways, the girls are pretty familiar with the rides and what to expect at the HH. The favorite thing right now for them are the rides. However, there are rides where you have to be a certain height to ride it with an adult or by yourself. My oldest daughter J has gone on all the rides at the HH except for the Pacific Fruit Express Family Roller Coaster. Yes..the roller coaster! I can't even remember the last time I rode a roller coaster! Anyways, to go on this ride with an adult, you have to be a minimum of 36 inches tall. Well, J is definitely taller than 36 inches and so now it was a matter of whether she would want to try this ride.

Pacific Fruit Express Family Roller Coaster

The last time we were at HH, it was  about 2 months ago and I had asked if she wanted to try the roller coaster and she gave me a definite NO. So, this time, I asked her again and she said no again. I left it at that. Well, during our picnic lunch, we sat by the roller coaster and watched other people ride it. She was still a little hesitant and scared as she watched the roller coaster. Then one of her friends went on the ride with her mom, we stood by the fence to watch the ride and I watched as J, her sister and friend cheered, clapped, and laughed while watching the roller coaster go by. It was the most cutest and precious scene.

J, little sister and friend watching and waving as the roller coaster goes by
This is when I asked J if she wanted to go. Her friend was totally encouraging her by saying "You can do it, It's fun!" Well lo and behold...she said YES! Say what?!! Oh my goodness.. now I was the one that was scared for her because I really didn't know how she would react once we were on the ride.

Here we are! Right before the roller coaster ride starts!! She's still smiling! did she do on her first roller coaster ride? See for yourself! Check it out below!

Yes my girl did it! I was super proud of her because it took a lot of courage. She was one brave chica! I was one happy mama and yet sad because my little girl is growing up. BUT..she's learning to become a brave and courageous girl who is willing to try new things and for that..I am PROUD of her. This was the biggest and best Sweet Surprise of the day!


  1. Love, love, love this! J growing into the courage that God has already given her. =)

    1. Thanks Mere! Well said! =) It warms my heart to know that she has wonderful Aunties like you who are cheering for her and watching her grow up as well!

  2. Reading your blog entry reminded me of watching our boys grow. They turned into men so quickly. Enjoy every precious God given minute. Children are a true blessing from God. They teach us so much!
    Terry Y

    1. Love your wisdom Terry! Our children do teach us a lot! A child-like faith and perspective to life..if I could turn back time and remember what it was like to be a child again. I'm trying to relive it through watching my girls! Hope to see you soon!

  3. how fun! such a huge childhood milestone to be brave enough to start riding the roller coaster at Happy Hollow:)

    1. Thanks Amy for your comment! It definitely was fun and memorable!